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Christian-von-Dohm-Gymnasium in Goslar

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We are pleased you are interested in our school life and we invite you to find out more about learning and working at Christian-von-Dohm-Gymnasium (CvD).

We regard our school’s motto “Leistung in sozialer Verantwortung“ as our responsibility. It means that our focus is not only on the academic performance of our students but also on social skills and caring about each other. As part of this lessons take into account students’ different abilities and interests as well as possible. Additionally, there are a number of extracurricular activities at CvD with different emphases:

We are accredited as “Europaschule in Niedersachsen” for our focus on European and multi-lingual aspects throughout our school life. Part of this are exchange trips to partner schools in several European countries (and the US), internationally recognized language certificates and bilingual lessons in a subject specially aimed at preparing students for university work (“Seminarfach”). At CvD, all students learn English, and they can choose between French, Latin and Spanish as their second foreign language.

CvD is also recognized as “MINT-EC-Schule“ for its commitment to science, especially in extracurricular activities. Students regularly excel in competitions in science and they also regularly prepare and lead workshops for younger pupils at the “Ideen-Expo”, a science and career fair in Hannover.

Art can be chosen as one of the subjects students specialise in for their Abitur, this includes the final exam. CvD is the only high school in the regional area (Landkreis Goslar) that provides this option.

To increase younger students‘ digital skills, there are courses in data processing. A large part of our classrooms is equipped with digital whiteboards, this is another way of continuous training in the use of digital media.

Moreover, students at CvD have access to a centre for selfstudy (“Selbst-lernzentrum”) and a library – one of the largest school libraries in Lower Saxony.

Please use our website to learn more about our diverse choice of extracurricular activities, the wide range of subjects and combinations of subjects to choose from for the two years preparing for the Abitur, ability-based courses, our concept to support students’ career planning, the activities offered as part of our optional full-time day schooling, as well as the equipment of our classrooms and gyms.

We invite you to find out more about these and other highlights of our school as well as the key areas of our work.

Yours, Martin Ehrenberg

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